The stream only gathers a crowd when it falls.

Somewhere in north central Wisconsin

27 Feb. I thought I wanted to paint and maybe make videos to support that, but as I get into it more, I think maybe the videos is what I was meant to do after-all.

24 Feb. Added a bit about Motivation on the AI? page;

You are the only one with your perspective. AI art has become accessible enough that we can start creating meaningful content for one another without the need for big studios or technical barriers. I’ve worked as a Production Assistant and, more recently, as an Amazon Courier. I made a video tribute to each role. What personal jobs or insights can inspire you to share? They say a good folk song consists of three chords and the truth—let’s do more of that!

23 Feb. One way to show a consistent series of videos or images that have the same feel or style is to come up with a prompt that you like and just change the subject or time of day. Copy and paste your prompts that work to a notepad or somewhere else in case of glitches or to use in the future or to even go back to when an idea isn’t working.

22 Feb. (pt.2) It’s starting to feel more forced and difficult at this point, I also have a lot of self doubt on my lows. I’m sure it will strike again. Here is a new (unlisted) video;

22 Feb. When I am working with clients and something happens of interest (as to the workflow) I try to include it in my notes (advice for artists). I also am trying to keep the AI? page updated as I learn new techniques. One thing I just added was this about prompt character limit;

Prompts are usually limited in character length but you can tweak it without a noticeable difference; The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The light is bright. The old man is snoring. can be Quick,fox,jumps,sleepy,dog.bright,snoring.

Also, in making all these videos I am both experimenting and using a technique I vuagly remember so forgive me if this is not verbatim. An art class was divided in half and one group had 3 months to make one master piece of pottery. The other half was instructed to make as many as they could in 3 months. Though the (many as they could) team had many sub par and uncompleted works, they did have several magnificent works in the mix because they were able to evolve ideas!

21 Feb. Safe Space & Commute;

20 Feb. D R E A M !

19 Feb. Let’s talk about likes. So, one of the big reasons I left all my social media was because of the like/dislike metric that gives anyone influence over projects they may not understand or worse want you to quit/troll etc. Anonymous people, who’s real intentions you do not know, can only wreak havoc with your work. I feel that I understand what I can and want to do. I know what direction I want to go in and I don’t want to listen to anyone lol. But behind the scenes I am always filtering.

However, when there are lots (more than a group of connected people) that like or dislike, it can give you a sobering pause for recalibration.

I know that some of my work in unpalatable and sometimes only done for experimentation. When I an unsure about including it or I feel that people would see it as a detriment to my body of work I delist it publicly. Here (just for you) is my unpalatable list of unpublished work;

Dream Motel
Deep Dive 38
Deep Dive 36
Deep Dive 35
Deep Dive 33
Deep Dive 32
Deep Dive 31
TV Pilots
Thrift Shop
Deep Dive 30
Shady Deals Studios IX
Shady Deals Studios VII
integration (seeds)
seven seeds
Day of the Dead
the Chocolatier
@ the beach
Hoarders seek & find
Night Train

18 Feb. Whew, ok, well I made about 20 videos and I LOVE them all! I tried today but I cant do anything worthwhile, I tried all day. It seems that I only have the ability when I am on a manic high, which I am now coming down from. I will have to wait and see when the ability strikes me again. When I am ‘in the zone’ I am very emotionally attached through the editing and put a lot of love into them. I have lots more ideas but to be able to work them through seems to come very easily at times and others not at all. Stay tuned!

14 Feb. I have been making videos and noticed a pattern. When I go in as deep as I can into something old, It feels natural and ‘self righting’ to make something very new next. Old/New Neglected/Polished Lost/Discovering Distant/Close.

13 Feb. The one thing all successful people have in common is focus. It is the only way to work on massive projects. I’ve done what I wanted to do for now with the Virtual Gallery and saved it. I’ll leave it up for now, may leave it up for good. Going to focus all my energy on building my YouTube content at the cost of everything else, including this site. I’m sure I’ll post more, but let’s give me a month off. If you want to see what I am doing I am sure my YouTube channel will have consistent uploads.

12 Feb. When I was younger I wanted to be a radio dj, cake decorator, anime background scene designer or music video producer. I used the public access studio to edit a music video of clips I recorded from tv to VHS and mixed the visuals to a fast paced Anthrax – Got The Time.

Finally going all in on these videos I have been purchasing licenses and producing AI videos that have better music and themes. Using three different audio sources now. Exciting!

11 Feb. Made quite a few new renders and published some new videos, getting back into it and it’s fun! The music license from Ben Sounds is working and I am no longer getting the copyright notices many of my Adobe supposed ‘free to use’ (which I think I can dispute, maybe later). Going to put everything I have into making high quality videos and build the channel. painting and some freelance work on breaks. Going in! wml

10 Feb. Here we are. I feel like I have trust fell into art and failed so many times that I am scared to do it again but I think I see a way;

I love making videos and people seem to enjoy them. While I didn’t get the art or book sales I was expecting from them, I think through monetizing my channel and purchasing audio licensing, I can make enough over time to earn a living and continue to paint etc.

8 Feb. I would like to complete the Puzzle book, if for no other reason than to get it out of my head. I think I should do some more painting, many of my pieces are very close to the funnest detailing part.

South Dakota Oil on Panel

3 Feb. I quit Amazon truck delivery and am back to working on art full time again! : ) I am going to really focus on the puzzle book I have been working on for years. Time to put some serious effort into finishing it. Give me 2 weeks. Then, possibly going back to AI videos.

31 Jan. New gallery, Suburbs. While Dal E is working better than ever, definitely has a centering problem. Even when asking it to not center, it will still center the elements within the scene. I have been trying different things, like Unique Angle, with very interesting results.

30 Jan. Completing children’s book commissions, working on the virtual gallery and thinking about a book that I have been working on for years. Thinking about AI videos again but it takes a while to acclimate enough to do it well. Also need to remaster vol 2.

28 Jan. Working diligently on the Virtual Gallery

26 Jan. New Gallery, Masterclass prompt below;

Prompt: art scene in the corner of a studio, bustling with the creative activities of sophisticated non-human beings, deeply immersed in their various forms of artistry. +/- Non-human beings, advanced civilization, artistic creation, unique culture, futuristic mediums, creative process, diverse artistic styles, intricate details, imaginative creatures, otherworldly art, unconventional materials, alien aesthetics, cultural tapestry, artistic community, imaginative landscapes, mythological creatures, individual artistic expressions, sophisticated creatures, cultural symbolism, fantastical beings.

25 Jan. One of my favorite effects is when you are lulled you into thinking what the dream is and then having it overlap with a real life event, like dreams do. This causes the viewer to ‘awaken’ at the point of realization. The ultimate transition! I have attempted this many times. Here I have the water and a sort of subtle warning tone that builds until you see the real ‘disguised by dream’ situation.

The best example of this I can remember, was when a friend in the Air Force showed me his Manga animation DVD’s. In one, the entity makes a fighter pilot remember past good times with family and friends, really naturally. Then the happy family memory or dream is shaken by a close approaching tower and a quick diversion, almost crashing. I was WITH that pilot, I forgot we were flying. SO good!

24 Jan. I recently learned about Terry Davis and his program. A man who single handedly wrote his OWN operating system, programming language, graphics programs (including vector and 3D) and games. He passed in 2018 after completing his 10 year project. I am sure he would have been blown away by the interest today. Someone even made a version of Minecraft in it!

This got me thinking a lot about my Virtual Gallery. I rented space with a new host and uploaded the latest version. I have spent a LOT of time on it and nobody has really seen it yet. But, as long as I keep archiving, all my work will be available to people in the future. Adding more today and for the next couple months. Because it is FUN!

23 Jan. Getting the larger gallery of ~ 100 unpublished renders together. here it is! Now I am going to work on the massive Virtual Gallery again! Lot’s of things to add with GPT’s assistance, maybe even working elevators! Will keep you posted and link instructions how to log on once I am settled.

21 Jan. new gallery Merchants. Sorting through my images, thinking of putting all the random unposted work together in one long post (about 100 interesting renders). Look for that this week. otherwise, just working on commissions and painting for now.

20 Jan. Three years into this; blood, sweat, tears and much love. I started this adventure with over 100k in savings. I paid a year ahead for an apartment near a wooded state park with volcanic rocks and started painting right away. About a year ago I took a job with Amazon driving 10hrs a day F-M then painting (and other art like AI) after work or on Tu-Th.

New gallery Everything Everywhere

Making the AI videos really pushed me to the limits mentally and financially NO regrets! : P Here is my income vs. expenses so far;


Total Expenses
~ $127.5k

Total Income (to date)
~ $6k

*Expenses Painting supplies, web hosting, software, licenses and rendering credits, hardware, minting costs, studio space, book printing, transportation / park passes, and basic needs.
*Income is from oil paintings, nft’s, donations, posters and publication royalties.

I’ve come to understand the solitary challenges artists face, balancing their work with delayed or conditional recognition. Selling some paintings, books, and nft’s helps me stay afloat while I work towards more recognition. Most of my expenses are initial, with items like oil paints lasting years. Your support means a lot, especially if you truly enjoy my work and it fits your budget. We all face our own struggles.

19 Jan. Impressed with the enhanced Dal E and ChatGPT4, I use them for themed series and potential videos. I’ve yet to find a place for standalone images. My alien cookbook, with 200 illustrations but in an unknown language, remains unpublished. I’m considering presenting it as an art book due to its unique alien script. *(didn’t work lol)

16 Jan. Currently working on children’s book commissions. I’m waiting for the latest book ONVI to become available so I can get a copy. I’ve got a brand new book in the works, one I’ve been chipping away at for years. Need to give some tlc to Vo. 2 & start V3. You can maximize your efforts and results (with no social media 👍 dependency) in judging success only by how much quality work you produce.

15 Jan. Added a new gallery Gameshows . Published a new book called ONVI. It is an alien cookbook showing recipes for entres, salads, drinks and otherworldly desserts. I included some coupons and other ads you might see in a book from another world. just waiting for it to go through the approval process, will post a link on the shop page as soon as it is available.

11 Jan. Added a new 360º Gallery

9 Jan. Completing a new bizarre book, will post it here in a couple days.

5 Jan. Thinking of a favorites section for images that are not part of a series but worth sharing. Will keep you posted!

4 Jan. Working on paintings and updating vol 2 then the puzzle book.

3 Jan. Keep watching this music video I made, it really is like magic. Can’t afford ($ or Time or Insanity) to do that type of work again anytime soon. Best to finish some paintings and take some hikes rn.

2 Jan. Happy New year! Standing in the woods you would never know what year it was, 1400, 2034? I don’t know where I am going with that, just a re-occurring thought. Going back to painting for a bit. Will update the site with the new work as it is completed. be well.