Somewhere in north central Wisconsin

25 Sept Created a video for Space Lunch, finishing remastering those images and re uploading to Amazon. Going to remaster behind the stars, finish a new coloring book that is 90% done and working three new children’s books already started.

21 Sept Finished the video for Le Rena “The Fox”. The next one I do will be Space Lunch;

17 Sept Getting ready to add another layer to the old shop, this is layer 3 of about 12. I like to capture some of the in between work that often gets lost and in many ways is better than the final. Also I ordered vinyl stickers with a QR code to scan and view this site. If that’s how you found me, interesting. lol. Hi! Welcome, This is my blog, my paintings, drawings, etc all have their own pages (scroll to the bottom if lost)

Created a new video for the Le Clara graphic novel;

12 Sept A couple of inspirational gas stations I found in northern Wisconsin;

8 Sept Looking back at the first layer of this work vs. now. Layer after subtle layer it comes to life. (still not done) oil on panel 8×10″ from a 35mm photo I took in 1999 in St. Paul MN near the river.

5 Sept Made a video from the shoulder driver story (included as a double feature in Behind the Stars)

4 Sept Remastered one of my first books, Gently. Made a video and put it on Youtube;

27 Aug Wisconsin Trail

WisconsinTrail, digital drawing nft

24 Aug Red Rock Saloon Window, Newport MN Oil on panel

21 Aug Took some time off, drove aimlessly through rural northern Wisconsin

13 Aug  Finally completed! I started this in 2015. I went back a second time to work on it and today the third and final!

Vermillion Falls
Vermillion Falls, Hastings MN Oil on panel nft

August 10th  Blue Owl

August 8th 22 Went downtown to draw with my daughter;

August 6th 22 Here are two small paintings that I am finishing for my parents, My mother liked the trees and the top one is my father’s workbench from my childhood home.

August 1st 22

July 27th 22 Dall E 2 the AI art generator that can design from text is finally public and it’s changed it’s name to crAIyon. LOL this is SO MUCH FUN! Try it yourself I will post some of the ones I’ve made below;

I have already rendered hundreds of them, but they’d clog up this blog, so I will put the best ones on the digital section of this site.

July 23rd 22 While reading a book giving advice to aspiring artists, 50 secrets of magic Craftsmanship by Salvador Dali I found this quote. He explains how to control your dreams and find inspiration;

“Choose carefully the fragrances and perfumes which evoke concrete periods of your adolescence. Have your valet pour one of these fragrances or perfumes on your pillow one hour before you awake, and the time, the situation or the persons associated with that fragrance will appear in your dream.”

Salvador Dali

Apparently I have been doing this all wrong…

Salvador Dali 50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship -1948

July 22nd 22 Worked on the faces a bit. Been working on this one on and off for over a year. Probably six months to a year left before we are done. Lot’s of my paintings are coming alive. I find them looking out with expression and life from a magical depth that breaks the two dimensional plain on which they exist. I make new friends, literally. lol

July 20th 22 So far I have completed 11 books for myself (about 1300 books for others over the past 20 years) and about 100 oil paintings. I will finish two more book ideas that I have already started. Not really sure where to go from here. I have about 38 books written. I have some great ideas for children’s books and graphic novels.

July 15th 22 Not to overload this blog today but I couldn’t wait to share this piece I am working on from Detroit (work in progress wip);

July 15th 22 Five new paintings for sale : ) I will place them on Etsy over the weekend. or txt 612 987 5997

Wisconsin Truck 14″ x 11″ oil on panel 800
The Fountain 5″ x 7″ oil on panel 600
South Dakota oil on panel 9″ x 12″ 900
Pear Tree oil on panel 9″x 12″ 700
Night Drive oil on panel 5″x7″ 700

July 15th 22 Finishing touches. Todays the day! : ) Posting five new paintings today by 2pm central. After that I will post them on Etsy. Each painting completed by using my own photographic or in person references and I only paint them once so you get a one-of-a-kind original.

July 13th 22 Looking through my archive I found a series I did when I lived in St. Paul. I went to the historical society and found some interesting pictures of the city. I printed them out and walked around until I found where the photographers had stood. I took a current picture and photoshopped in the older ones. This type of work is not my idea. I first saw someone do this with a series of the 1906 San Fransisco earthquake photos merged with ones from present day.

July 12th 22 Finishing up the five new paintings and a new book by Friday. Here is a picture of a painting that I have been working on (I work on many because it takes so long to dry between layers) This one is not part of the new six for Friday.

Glass star on pedestal, oil on panel.

July 4th 22 Working on the five I am putting up for sale on the 15th. I still managed to get another layer on a few others and I’ll share them here;

Wabasha Street. oil on panel. patched the corner and primed it from when it fell. much more detail to add.
Marbles oil on panel study, started one year ago, probably another year left.
Owen @ Gopher bar, oil on panel. He’s giving me the look most people do;
“Why are we here and why are you taking my picture” This is layer 3 of probably 12

June 30th 22 I finished Hoarders Seek and Find which was a marathon. Switching from digital to traditional, I am missing the smell of paint. I have picked out 5 of my favorite new oil paintings that I had been working on and will complete them now!.

5 NEW paintings for sale July 15th

After I post them here I will list them on Etsy.

June 28th 22 Just completed Hoarders seek and find! I am starting a new book then I will add another layer of oil to my paintings. Tempted to show some of the new ones that are developing. Maybe a series of works in progress soon!

June 15th 22 I am taking my best book idea, one that I think will sell and I am making that now. I will publish it early next week and post it here. I have about 13 other stories I would like to do as well, but this one should help support those. I made a video in Colorado to show my friends why I love the mountains so much! : )

June 13th 22 Taking on more commissions until all my expenses/debts are paid. Since my time is going to be limited I have downloaded and stored the Virtual Gallery ( to be re opened someday). I am focussing on finishing my paintings and working on my books.

June 3rd 22 Working on two new paintings, ( I am excited about both! :)))) one large and one medium . Going through my notes I have about 20 books I would like to make with at least 8 of them high priority. Rent went from 960 /mo to 1149 and I have a few other debts/cc’s from the past year I took off to paint. So I will be working on these at about 10% of my non-working schedule. The VR gallery is looking good and I am finally getting into the vr scripting and blender modeling. I still have a long way to go in 3D , especially organic modeling and texture mapping. Vector to blender to VR is very easy and I posted a video to show people how it is done. I made the video in one take

May 1st 22 Worked on the virtual gallery and made a video. I have used 20k prims of 120 so am about 1/6th done with the gallery. You can visit it here

March 29th 2022. I have so many exciting new projects planned! 3 more children’s books, 5 books for older children, one adult coloring book, a seek-and-find book and one more graphic novel (all written already, just need to do the artwork). I also figured out how to take high resolution photos in my virtual gallery. So I am going to do all of the aforementioned and also complete a couple of my favorite oil paintings and put EVERYTHING into one hardcover book. So 11 new books, working on the virtual gallery, finishing up some already near complete oil paintings (about 10 of them) and one big book of everything! Check back often as I will post the work here. 🙂

March 16th 2022. Pulled all my social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. I will be communicating solely through this website and my virtual gallery from now on. Likes and insincere comments are NOT a good metric to measure my work by. This will give me the focus I need to complete my work. My current attention will be in completing already started children’s books (simple morals) and continuing to develop the virtual gallery. The oil paintings that I have started, I have set aside and will continue to detail/finish them at another time.

Feb 27th 2022. Started working on the backrooms in the Virtual Gallery. Many years ago I listed all of my interests and created places to store each and develop. I thought of them as railroad tracks and planned for them to someday meet. i.e. Photography (starting with low rez low color composition practices, all the way to reflections and complex subjects). Drawing, painting, comics, animations, children’s books, writing, graphic novels, enjoying nature, 3D and Virtual building etc. Now and I am putting them all together. For example, the writing goes with making my own children’s books and graphic novels. My photographs (planned long ago with extra angles) are now used to make oil paintings and those paintings make my digital art better. All to one, focus, this site and it’s categories are the embodiment of this organized approach to my life’s work. One interesting observation, I spent a year drawing, one side of the sketchbook for things I observed and I flipped the book over to draw things I made up. I was always relieved to switch from one to the other until I went to the dive bar downtown (Hat Trick) and everyone was just telling me made up stories and bragging about how they used people. I wanted to draw what I saw but I woke up @ 3am and drew a mix, because I saw them as all bugs, that’s where the bug bar (below) came from. I then moved into abstract lines that had echoed in my work but actually took over completely. If you look at my sketches in order you will see this transition. I liked the abstracts but it was all that seemed to come out when I meditated on a drawing so I moved onto to oil. In oil I started with these as well, but moved it into observations (plein air) and photos, sometimes just a texture so I could learn to paint rust etc.

Jan 31st 2022. Cleaned up the site, going to paint and make books, posting them on this site as they are done. Instagram is the most current work. I am not advertising, so please share if you like 🙂 I am going to try to stay off social media and use my art to communicate through this website. I will never stop learning but my year long exercise here is over. I am going to save and try to get out to Washington state in about a year.

Jan 26th 2022. Feels great to have those two graphic novels done! 🙂 It took longer than I thought and the world seemed to start crumbling around me as I tried to complete them. I just started about 8 new paintings, they are getting easier for me to do. I have more story ideas and I am listing them all out to pick the best ones. For sure I have three children’s book ideas (I will post here and on I will continue to update this website with my most current work as it is completed.

Two new Graphic Novels!

Both books were created at the same time. This helped me take breaks from each and show more of a range than one book might. I have a lot more ideas but these take a very long time. Both books use only words that are necessary and no dialogue so anyone, in any country should be able to understand them. 

Le Clara (the bright) is about a character who discovers a grieving mother. Le Clara shows this her that her son is alive and well in other dimensions. They quickly become friends and Le Clara introduces her to the interdimensional controls where she quickly checks up on the life of her son in the other dimension. This is an artistic book with no words and tells a vivid story on a complex subject. PRINT E-BOOK

Behind the Stars takes a look at the world through a variety of perspectives. Road rage, Schadenfreude and international crisis collide in a noiristic style. The first story takes place during a night-time thunderstorm and the second story starts the very next day in the city of St. Paul Minnesota during rush hour. Things aren’t always what they seem, past results are not indicative of future events and not every conspiracy theory is true, but some are. PRINT E-BOOK

January 15th 2022 Two new graphic novels are 99% done. I want to go over them one more time for the most detail. Please check back here on the 25th. After this I will be finishing some larger paintings. I am also working on children’s books here

January 10th 2022 Happy new year! I will post my first graphic novel here on the 20th. The second is almost done as well and is a completely different story about an interdimensional being. The third is about a cat and that is barely started.

Dec 24th. I am finishing the details on two new graphic novels. One is 72 pages and the other is 50. I should have them completed and in publication soon. I have a third book written but not illustrated.

Dec 11th 2021. As I sit here, I have completed 5 oil paintings, 22 oil paintings are near complete and about 30 are set aside. I have sold two NFT’s for more than .5 eth each and uploaded about 20 more. I have some ideas for nft experiments for fun. My 3D world on Kitely is about 20% done. I have published 4 children’s books and finishing 3 more in the next day or two. I am very pleased with my progress. I have hired myself for the year and already exceeded my expected production with 25% of the year left 🙂 I will work on my health, play some games I have been putting off and complete some of my paintings. If I have more book or painting ideas, I am sure I will address them 🙂 fun!


After helping over a thousand authors create and publish their works I have FINALLY created two of my own books!

New books by Toby Mikle Click Here


Aug 9th 2021. I let my work build up as I was painting a lot. I have taken a break from painting and completed all of my children’s book business, paid my bills and ordered more art supplies. I have been working on the virtual gallery and I will be working on updating this site including adding a couple things to the store.

June 24 2021. I have about 41 oil paintings going, have written the ~40pg graphic novel – ordering clayboard panels to start painting it. Here are some of the new paintings. See more and keep up to date here;

June 16 2021. I have narrowed my focus to a few projects, one of which re-designing this site. one graphic novel about 24 pages (already written) oil painted, one 600 page B&W graphic novel and one book about 30 pages hardcover of my 200 or so pieces of artwork, most of which I am completing now.

I created 7 NTFs and sold one for $1700 plus 10% of each sale after that (link )I have a couple more to finish up and I will let that develop, if it does I can do more.

April 26th 2021. Where do I begin, I decided to paint and finally nurture some of my artistic ideas. I rented an apartment, paid a year in advance and bought a variety of art supplies. April 2nd I moved. I spent the next week unpacking and driving around the area and hiking on some of the many trails near the river.

I discovered the rock in this area (Basalt) was once under ocean lava and was exposed when the glaciers scrubbed away surrounding ground, just like Devils Tower. Then, the melting glaciers once again tried to wear the rock away but only managed to create large pot holes where rocks swirled around in the heavy currents. Later, when logging was using the river to transport, there was a massive logjam in the basalt that had to be cleared with dynamite.

I have found about 15 trails, two barn foundations, 5 waterfalls and 1 natural spring. I am exploring my ideas from past photos, thoughts and my surroundings using watercolor, oil, pencil, markers. I am exploring and starting many projects while others dry.

Working on about 12 pieces right now and will post them as soon as they are done. I have some solid ideas for animations and new books too. Excited to discover what the new year teaches me.

Watercolor, first piece at the new place

March 5th 2021. I am getting ready to move at the end of the month! I will be focussing on watercolor, drawing, oil, a virtual art gallery, animations, my own children’s book(s), and this website for one year. I will be posting original artwork for sale at a low price to cover the cost of my materials and shipping. I fully intend to bring my artwork to a new level in originality and quality. That will hopefully increase the value of my work so that I can do this full-time once this year-long project is completed. Check this site towards the end of April 2022 for an update and some original artwork for sale. I will try to do my best art and explore both what comes to me and what I enjoy. My main focus will start with studies to improve my skillset, then shift to eventually creating books and work that others will enjoy.

February 12th 2021. In the two years after my divorce I created a lot of artwork, I sketched and created digital art. I even bought paints and a canvas but could not bring myself to even try to paint (I was nervous that I would do it wrong). Then I was in a five year relationship. While I am with someone I find it difficult to work on the relationship and also create art. My father said why not just do art in your free-time and to me that’s like saying just climb a hill at the park when you want to climb mountains. I tried some dating apps and talked to new people but I am finding myself more satisfied creating art. So, I am going to forsake all relationships and get an apartment up north in April. I will dedicate myself to my art alone and we will see where this leads…