~ Hoarders Seek & Find coloring book

Ol’ Sneaky Pete’s in jail and can’t make bail, let’s hop the fence and check out his place! Hoarders Seek & Find Adult coloring book has 34 pages of illustrations where hidden images can be found and colored in. The book begins in the front hoarders yard and up the driveway to the hoarders garage. Each spread has images on the left side that can be found hidden throughout the house. The inside of the horders house contains the living room, kitchen and pantry. The second floor of the hoarder house contains the den, bedroom, closet and up tho the hoarded attic. There is a basement, laundry room and more in this epic hoarder adventure.

Front Yard ~ Driveway ~ Garage ~ Living Room ~ Kitchen ~ Pantry ~ Stairwell ~ Den ~ Bedroom ~ Closet ~ Attic Bathroom ~ Basement ~ Laundry Room ~ Deck ~ Shed ~ Back Yard #Hoarders #Horders

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