A i ?

AI as a Medium
(written by a real person)

Give an orchestra to a homeless composer
and we will all have richer lives!

The complaints against AI seem a lot like the ones I used to hear about creating art digitally. It’s like telling a poet that specific words in a specific order have no value. I don’t claim to know everything about it but I have been swimming far from shore for a while. Here is what I learned so far;

Currently using:
Runway & DAL E (through GPT4)

Advice and tips:

Just experimenting can give you great ideas and when you find something you like, render it and keep going adding new ideas. Then, when you are done with about 10-20 renders for stills or 30-60 renders video, you have an interesting progression (a series). People like to see that progression, it is a plot-line that gets more interesting and keeps attention, hopefully lol.

too few words lose focus
too many constrict

Describe what you would like to see, not exactly what it is, especially when forcing a perspective. For example. I was trying for days to get a perspective inside a pinball machine, zooming didn’t work, nothing worked until I described the look from inside and didn’t mention pinball machine at all. Mentioning that word made it want to make a whole machine each time and not the portion I was looking for.

Describe the specific visualization in detail

Prompts are usually limited in character length but you can tweak it without a noticeable difference; The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The light is bright. The old man is snoring. can be Quick,fox,jumps,sleepy,dog.bright light.man/old,snoring.

Compiling plots;

Creating a plot with images can seem challenging but if you think of stories in visual ways there are few plot lines that EVERYONE knows. For example, starting in a dawn setting, to noon sun, to evening and night and, if especially long, the am again. The SUBJECT is whatever you choose it to be, if you put a moon in every shot, it becomes a character, if the whole video is light on a cement wall, the wall and the light are the characters.

Often, only a portion of the 4 second clip will be usable, cut out the bad parts and slow down whats left. Anomalies will happen, you can cut them out or embrace them, someday we wont have them so current work will by stylized with a yet unrecognized AI nostalgia.

Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you

The last line purposely doesn’t match.
Sting’s song is about surveillance and jealousy.
It is there you make you uncomfortable,
emphasizing the meaning.

Make the clips blend together and use drastic contrasts purposefully. Going from dark to bright, simple to complex or slow to fast on high points or up tempo changes. Try to make it flow, i.e. if you are panning out, pan back in then back out to even the flow. Some clips will need reversing. Introduce dramatic visual changes when a new layer of sound is introduced and you will subconsciously assign that visual with that sound throughout the video, even without seeing it again.

One way to show a consistent series of videos or images that have the same feel or style is to come up with a prompt that you like and just change the subject or time of day. Copy and paste your prompts that work to a notepad or somewhere else in case of glitches or to use in the future or to even go back to when an idea isn’t working.

Special prompt words;

  • Words toward the front are the most emphasized.
  • Use words multiple times in the same description.
  • Change words if it is being taken to literally or incorrectly.
  • If you want to create a series use a vague descriptor.

Worn or Worn textures This is an easy way to get your work somewhere between sterile and dirty. Adding a layer of realistic wear to your scene or textures depending on it’s placement position in the prompt. *Update, Surface(s) is superior to textures because it still thinks a texture is applied model sometimes (less real).

Animated textures Sometimes this creates amazing moving textures, sometimes it takes the animation word and creates 3d animation style.

Unique Simply adding the word Unique to your descriptions can give you amazing results. Try using it more than once or paired with detailed, imaginary, otherworldly, futuristic etc..

Ominous and Cosmic Horrors (Towards the end, towards the front will likely cause bannable images when taken directly,)

Specific dates Era films used to be the most expensive kind to make. Adding dates to your descriptions can set the theme for the whole video and give it that consistent flavor.

Negative Keywords There are none and, in fact, it has the opposite effect. Once I was like this is perfect but no skulls or -skulls etc. and every time it made MORE. lol. I will update this once that is possible or I am corrected as to a new technique that works.

Colorize or Technicolor Creates interesting stylized effects. Use this to blend other clips together with a similar feel, even if the subject differs.

Monochromatic, Silent Film, Black and White Sometimes the Silent Film one works and sometimes it doesn’t, the problem is that sometimes it makes film reels, literally.

Camera Controls (specific to Runway) Glitchy AF. I suggest not using them and trying to render a few times. Or use the camera settings in minor amounts. Pushing it at this point makes it go to black more often than not. (will update if this starts working better) I have been trying to drive down roads since version 1. Though I have gotten a couple nice Tilt flybacks.

Simulation Ok, this is my new favorite. So, when they last upgraded, I realized everything was coming out too realistic, almost everything was a modern living room. I started to say close up oil painting to get back to special effects and unrealistic events. Well, Simulation or realistic simulation does even better without paint or paintings.

Collage This term used near the beginning can create some interesting visual effects, I encourage unique paired with this as well.

other terms: edifice, LED, led wire, led accents, led panel, animated texture, juxtaposed, ambient, lithograph, engraving, depth, layers, fireworks (works surprisingly well) tableau, imaginary, otherworldly.

Waterflows When used with simulation you can start making water flow skywards etc, not easy or common, but possible

Special effects Random and doesn’t always work, but when it does, the Special effects prompts are the highlights of the film.

Use Chat GPT or any AI chat of your choosing and tell it what you are looking to achieve. Ask it to help you craft 4 or 5 descriptions that are within the 320 character limit. Try them, then ask it to refine. AI is good at helping you rephrase or fine tune a description to give you better visuals. Be vigilant in sticking towards your ideas (to maintain creative control) but don’t turn away from any happy accidents.

What is it to you:

To me it is a medium, like charcoal or pencil. It is what you do with the medium that defines its output. But, unlike other mediums, it can help you make decisions. The goal, in my mind, would be to find a happy medium, where it has control to do things in the way you want them with some compromise.

The best analogys I can think of right now is an orchestra conductor and a film director.

I have submitted my renders to Runway for sharing and remixing. I have also checked remixing allowed on all the AI videos. The work is a continuum (see copyright section below)


Artists have to cut corners, that is, they have to work on something within a reasonable amount of time and prioritize what gets detailed the most. In the past, the eyes have been the most ‘focus’ (rimshot). Because the eyes where what most people looked at first and for the longest. AI doesn’t need to prioritize in the same way because it can fill in any level of detail in any way instantaneously, there is no restriction that requires focal prioritization.

Working as an Art Director, then a freelancer, I understand what the gatekeepers to an Idea are like, I was one. Someone could literally have a great idea and not afford the means to produce it. A good analogy would be the print publishing markets exclusivity that has been eroded away by people who can now publish anything easily.


Copyright Infringement It can sometimes create copyright similar material without your knowledge. When looking at everything you must assume copyrighted material has been ingested. Not to start a flamewar or anything but copyright is a strange cat, Art builds upon past art, people see that as infringement when it is a continuum. Look at the song House of the Rising Sun for an example of work that has traveled through other artists minds;

art seems to come from somewhere and go somewhere else

Losing Creative Control You can go with better ideas that it comes up with but then stray far form any creative input or control as to its future direction (losing your input is losing your ability to direct).

Consistency As of yet, consistency has been a problem, Some newer software is trying to address this but it is a current common problem. One solution for now is to choose something that could have a variety of results. i.e. UFO sighting’s in stead of sighting.

Evaluating Synonyms There are sometimes more carefully crafted terms that could go unnoticed. For example, wanting to create something more realistic, I had been saying ‘realistic textures’ well, that made it ok, but I figured out it was assuming I was texturing something fake. I have since started using worn surfaces instead.

Extending Clips When you have a perfect clip and want to extend it, you can try to render it loner but it tends to disintegrate, like a copy of a copy etc.. You can render two different clips, reverse one and then the last frame and first frame of the next clip will match when they are put together. slowed to 66% usually looks natural and sometimes 33% does.

Dating At this point is is still necessary to elaborate on the era to AI. i.e. If you say ‘create a cereal box from the future’, it will create a cereal box THEMED with future elements. However when you say ‘create a cereal box that happens to be in the future’ you get the latter. I have used this many times, it will always default to depictions that represent an era unless otherwise told that the scene merely takes place in that era.


There are many people who still are upset with AI and think that it’s bad. Again, It’s the same that it was when digital art was new. I still get some hateful messages and lot’s of laughing on my serious work;

 ✔ First they ignore you,
then they laugh at you,
then they fight you,
then you win!

If you think that your renders are bad, #1 use them as placeholders in your composition and upgrade them later. #2 take any of your favorite movies and slow any part down frame by frame. You’ll see that they don’t look that impressive isolated either. It’s the composition together that makes the piece. Even some ‘bad’ clips can make a good contrast or build to the ‘good’ ones. If you are looking for more artistic ideas; Artists advice page.

One of my first clients taught me a valuable lesson that I carry with me today. I simply make a strange mark on on his characters as a mistake and asked him if he wanted ti removed. He said flaws are the definition of character. Since then I have embraced errors and that has never been more apropos that with AI.

Have the courage to fail at something new, then learn and improve. At first use four second clips without camera settings or extending (can cause glitching and frustration) Then use the 4 seconds, cut or speed up or slow down (I also often reverse) but if you have to mess with it too much to get it to work just use it as a placeholder and re render something new. KEEP rendering, you will find something that will work!

You are the only one with your perspective. AI art has become accessible enough that we can start creating meaningful content for one another without the need for big studios or technical barriers. I’ve worked as a Production Assistant and, more recently, as an Amazon Courier. I made a video tribute to each role. What personal jobs or insights can inspire you to share? They say a good folk song consists of three chords and a truth—let’s do more of that!

Let’s see what you can do!

No experience : Starting from nothing you can make videos like mine. Try not to plan it out ahead and let it flow while creating. Render video clips, download them, put them in order in a video editor, cut out the bad parts, slow down the epic parts, add transitions and a music track, (Adobe stock has many, ccmixter, bensounds, also, some artist put their original music on youtube for other’s to use.) Render and upload to youtube or wherever.

Experienced : what r u doing here 😛 (get to work)